Memorial Urn Program

The memorial tribute program has been an established part of Lakeview Floral & Gifts services for over 40 years.

This service was designed to honor deceased loved ones as a Memorial Day tradition, and has evolved over time to serve families when physical constraints, distance, or time prohibit personal placement of a seasonal memorial.

During the initial year with the program, a memorial urn, urn stand and materials to fill the urn are purchased. In subsequent years, the urn and urn stand are reused and renewal each spring only requires the purchase of a fresh annual planting or artificial floral arrangement to fill the urn. Urns are placed prior to Memorial Day and as a modern addition to the program, a photo of the placed urn is available to be e-mailed to the ordering client. In the fall, urns are retrieved, cleaned, and placed into winter storage.

Each spring renewal forms are sent to Memorial Urn Program clients for the upcoming season’s placement. This renewal form allows for special color and style requests, updated client contact changes and supplemental memorial placement information.

In addition to summer placements, holiday wreath and spruce planter placements are available. Holiday order delivery takes place in early December with retrieval after the New Year.

Joining the program is simple and only requires urn placement information and payment one week prior to the desired placement date. This system ensures product availability and delivery coordination time. Call or visit Lakeview Floral & Gifts for current pricing information, questions or to join the Memorial Tribute Program for your loved one.